L I S T E N: ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’ (Phazz Edition) – MØ

If you’re going to listen to a sexy, soulful and brilliantly-produced track today, make sure it’s this one by French producer, Phazz.

Phazz takes ‘s original, indie pop single, ‘Don’t Wanna Dance‘, and warps it to make it an infectious track with twisted synths, slow beat and a lower tempo.

You can check out the remix and listen to it on repeat below, or better yet, download it for free here.


L I S T E N: ‘Say My Name’ ft. Zyra (Slow Magic Remix) – ODESZA

Mysterious producer Slow Magic has remixed Seattle duo ODESZA’s single featuring Zyra‘Say My Name’, and given it his magical touch.

The track, which was not remixed for TSIS’ ‘Say My Name’ remix contest, is unique as it features Slow Magic’s own father working a solid guitar solo. But that’s only after the producer mixes the single up with some sweet piano melodies. It also features some of Slow Magic’s staple drumming which completes the remix.

Currently signed to Downtown Records, you can check some of Slow Magic’s other work here, or check the track out for yourself below.

L I S T E N: ‘Still Down’ – Andrea

A little bit of everything – that’s what Parisian producer Andrea’s latest track ‘Still Down’ has.

The producer, who is currently signed to Moose Records, has been consistent with all his releases ever since creating his beautiful bootleg of ‘Lay Me Down’ by Sam Smith over a year ago. ‘Still Down’ showcases just how talented he is.

Strong percussion, including crisp hi-hats, laces the track while deep bass and chopped vocals set a dark tone for the song. The fuzzy, distorted noise throughout the single is drowned out by the alluring drop, only to be enhanced by the most surprising element of the song.

An ethereal melody enters the track around halfway through the song and lasts for a short yet perfect time, before it switches back to the original beat.

Released on Trapdoor Record’s second volume, the single can be listened to below, or purchased on iTunes.

L I S T E N: ‘Carousel’ – ESTA.

Go on a ride with American producer ESTA.‘s latest track ‘Carousel‘.

‘Carousel’ samples a distorted merry-go-round tune as beats, typical of any ESTA. track, chime in to give it a chill vibe. Though ESTA. is one to experiment, let’s hope he plays around with this trill sound that he describes as “weird” a bit more.

The magical track, which is just over three-minutes long, was released yesterday and can be heard below.

L I S T E N: Bok Bok B2B Teki Latex – Boiler Room Paris DJ Set

Following the release of ‘Melba’s Call’ by producer Bok Bok featuring Kelela, Night Slugs‘ Bok Bok has taken to Boiler Room in Paris. Playing back to back with Sound Pellegrino‘s own Teki Latex, the hour-and-a-half long set will have you dancing to some of the best dance music emerging from South London and Paris. The Boiler Room Paris X Sound Pellegrino takeover also features B2B sets with Feadz and Orgasmic, and Crackboy and Clement Meyer.

Check out all the Boiler Room sets here, or the Bok Bok B2B Teki Latex set below.

L I S T E N: ‘coma’ – Djemba Djemba

LA producer Djemba Djemba is at it again with ‘coma’. The Mad Decent producer has left us questioning whether this is a teaser for an upcoming EP, or whether this is a little musical delight for us to snack on. Most of us believe that the preview will be produced into an EP, as the mysterious wunderkind tagged it as a “preview” on his Soundcloud account. His Soundcloud also features a link to a website, where you can listen to the song and play around with the artwork here.

In what sounds like five separate tracks, with five different beats, Djemba Djemba seamlessly mixes the songs to leave the listener going into a coma of their own. Don’t let the first dreamy track fool you, it may not sample any trademark Djemba Djemba Jersey Club beats, but the second and third tracks delve into trap, and lend themselves to the fourth song which features Jersey Club. The final track in the preview flips ‘Give it 2 U’ by Robin Thicke and contains traces of DnB beats, underneath sweet synths.

Let’s hope an EP is developed from this preview, and if it’s anything like the ten-minute teaser, then we’re in for a real treat.

UPDATE: The link has since been removed from Soundcloud, so you can listen to ‘coma’ here: http://to.be/fields/TrBX4A.